Pharmaco vigilance

According to the WHO Pharmacovigilance is the activity related to the detection, evaluation understanding and prevention of adverse reactions of medicines or any other health related problem. Therefore, pharmacovigilance collets, monitors, investigates and evaluates the information on the effects of medicines with the objective to identify new information about the adverse reactions and thus prevent unnecessary in patience. Pharmacovigilance studies the action of medicines once they have been commercialized.

Objectives of Pharmacovigilance

The reports of notifications of alleged adverse reactions are fundamental to have an effective Pharmacovigilance system, considering an alleged adverse reaction any unwanted clinical manifestation wich may indicate or seem to have a causal effect with one or more medications.
It is important to notify Pharmacovigilance of all alleged adverse reactions appearing after the administration of any medicine, because this is revelant information wich enables as to know the action of medicines in real conditions for presctiption.

How to report adverse events.

If you wish to report an alleged adverse reaction related with any of our products, please fill in the following form:


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